About Full Path

Full Path LLC is a consulting and technology services firm based in Portland, Oregon and led by Kevin Chambers. Our focus is on community-based transportation. Examples include demand-responsive, human services, and rural transit.


Since 2000, Kevin Chambers has been dedicated to assisting public agencies and nonprofits in assuring that their technology investments effectively serve their organizational mission. From 2010 to 2017 he led technology innovation at Ride Connection, a Portland-area industry leader in providing mobility options to older adults and people with disabilities. He graduated magna cum laude from Oregon State University with a degree in Spanish and Latin American Studies, and has experience in group facilitation and mediation.

In work that ranges from software development to project management and strategic planning, Kevin is passionate about bringing his cross-cultural experience and systems thinking to remove barriers that prevent people making effective use of technology.

Our Values

  • We believe that effective transit is essential to healthy and productive communities.
  • While it can play a key role in making transit service efficient and attractive to users, technology doesn’t solve complex problems. People do that. Community needs should always lead.

You can learn more about our approach by reading our first post.